Deep Work & Flow

Joyful, Focused Work Sprints

Accelerate your career by immersing yourself in deep, focused
work every day. Experience the joy of flow

Virtual co-working sprints to help you start your day by joyfully acing your top priorities.
Don’t let emails, meetings, and shallow activities consume your whole day.

What is flow?

When a person immerses themselves in an activity so deeply that nothing else matters, the experience itself becomes so exciting that we want to carry on with the activity just for its sake.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Upcoming batch schedule and fee

Want to join the next batch of
Deep Work & Flow?


Dates: 22 Jul - 18 Aug 2024
Registration cut-off:
21 Jul, 5 PM IST
Duration: 4 Weeks
Fee: INR 6000 INR 3,000 per month
(3 day refund)


  • Two 50-min ‘Focus Sprints’ six days a week. Join any number of days.
    • 7:00 AM – 9 AM OR
      10:00 AM – 12:00 noon IST (Mon – Fri)​
    • 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM IST (Sat)

Choose your subscription:

Mon-Fri – Pick one slot or both

Saturdays – Common to all

What will a Focused Work Sprint be like?

  1. You join the Zoom call along with other participants and keep your cameras on
  2. Our Sprint Leader will help you create the conditions for deep concentration and flow state
  3. You will share your work goal before the sprint starts and commit to it
  4. You will clear all distractions and work with complete focus on one task, during the sprint
  5. After the sprint, give a quick update on how the sprint went and what you accomplished

What do you get in the focused sprints?

Here is what you will get in the virtual focused work sprints.

50 min Deep Work sprints 2x a day, 5 days a week
Intense focus created by group accountability
3-hour immersive focus marathon every Sat
Want to combine a morning routine with daily deep work sessions?

Check out Win Your Day bootcamp.

Experience productivity and joy, every day

Turn your life around with deep focused work that also gives you joy

Visible human accountability. No bots.

For every focused sprint, you will be working alongside a group of driven individuals. Seeing others strive to achieve their goals motivates us to do better ourselves. You commit to your goals and are accountable to your peers in the sprint. This aligns your subconscious brain with the goal, enabling you to focus fully on your goals and drop all distractions.

Ace high-priority tasks with deep focus

We are so caught up in shallow work (e.g., email, meetings), that we rarely get time to do truly important work that needs deep focus. These sprints help you do those tasks by optimizing the brain’s capacity to focus. They constrain you to only work on that one chosen task, thereby creating brutal clarity and intense focus. That is how you maximize your productive output.

Crush distraction and procrastination – enter the zone

Before the sprint, you create the conditions conducive to flow and put away all distractions. For the next 50 minutes, you allow yourself intense non-distracted work. This helps you get in the zone where your mind becomes fully immersed in the activity. In positive psychology, this state is called “flow.” Access peak experiences as you push your mind to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

Guided by sprint leaders

At the start and end of each sprint, the sprint leader will lead you through a check-in and check-out. You commit to your sprint leader and peers about what you are going to do. This implementation intention forces you to stick to your task. At the end of the sprint, there is a short debrief. This immediate feedback loop also help reinforce positive behaviours and correct negative ones.

What participants say