Learning Accelerator Bootcamp (LAB)

LAB will help you beat procrastination and complete your courses in a timebound manner 

More than 90-95% of us abandon our Coursera, Udemy, and edX courses without completing them. Even when we learn, we study without focus and absorb very little.


It is NOT because we lack the intention. Here are our two enemies:

  1. Procrastination: We don't have the structured routine, discipline, and habits to beat procrastination

  2. Lack of focus: Even when we learn, we are distracted and unable to absorb the study material

We solve these problems in this Bootcamp. We combine military discipline with habit-building techniques and psychology to build focus and quickly complete your courses. 


In the process, we also help you change your mindset and gain the confidence to complete any learning program in a time-bound manner. 

How does it work?

  1. You select a course you want to complete

  2. We make you firmly commit to a learning schedule

  3. Our habit-building techniques help you focus and overcome procrastination

  4. You do self-study in a virtual online group

  5. You are part of a team, where the members motivate each other  

You will complete your course in a time-bound manner and build discipline

What this bootcamp does NOT offer

  1. We do NOT teach you the subject or provide content. There is a sea of content out there - we won’t burden you with more.

  2. Please note that our program is based on self-study. We don’t teach the subject matter

  3. We don't do any magic. We just use psychology and discipline

Bootcamp details

Start date: 2 Nov 2020
Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: INR 2,000

We're currently offering the bootcamp for a discounted fee of Rs. 2,000.

Standard fee is Rs. 5000

The fee is subject to change without further notice. However, if anyone has already paid for a program, we guarantee the lower price for that person.

This is an invite-only program. Please apply to join the waitlist if you are fully committed to enthusiastically participate in the program.

Learning schedule

Weekday options (three times a week)
Monday to Friday - 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm IST

Saturday (compulsory)
Evening: 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm IST


How to enroll

Apply now to join the bootcamp. We will evaluate your application and send the payment link to shortlisted candidates.

We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

 T.C.5/2568(5), TJRA Nagar, 158C, Pippinmoodu




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