The Antidote To Stress

Our stress primarily comes from our inability to accept the present moment; when we are at war with our current reality.

By definition, the present moment is perfect because it is already here. Doesn’t matter what our current circumstances are or how we got here; where we are and what we are right now, is perfect.

That, in fact, is the essence of meditation – we also call it mindfulness.

Meditation is not just about observing our breath – that is just the prop. It is about being aware of and accepting the present moment, unconditionally, and without judgment.

Seeking success, fame, or wealth as a means to find happiness is quite like a dog chasing its tail – it will keep you busy but will get you no closer.

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For happiness and peace of mind, all we need is mindfulness and acceptance. That is why it is harder to be happy than to be successful or rich.

Here is something you can try: Do a daily meditation for 15-20 minutes, consciously reminding yourself to non-judgmentally observe and accept the present moment.

It is not easy or quick but is better than chasing our own tail – that takes forever.

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