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Discover who you really can be

In 1 year, you can write and publish a book.

In 1 year, you can become a Data Scientist.

In 1 year, you can transform yourself from a couch potato to a marathon runner.

In 1 year, you can achieve what most people take 10 years to achieve.

But ​why do people get stuck in a rut? Why do we procrastinate even when we know we need to make a change? Why do we not work on projects that will make our life meaningful?

It seems as though our nature is to seek temporary comfort over long-term meaning. The solution is to fight this using habits and routines. 

Ask a top performer in any field if they always felt fired up every single day. No! But did they still take action and move towards their goals every single day? Yes!

Top performers think differently and therefore act differently. They fall back on habits and routines when the going gets tough. When they slip, they get up and get back on track quickly before inertia takes over.

These are learnable skills. Commit to working on yourself for the next one year and watch your life transform.

What is YOUR next year going to be like?

Act when it counts. Start today!  

Why HabitStrong Membership?

Build high-impact habits and routines. Internalize it. Make it part of your self- identity.

We're with you every step of the way. We act with you, every single day, till you're off the training wheels.

Support through a community of like-minded folks who are on the same journey. It's tough to go it alone. The HabitStrong community is your support structure and lifeline.

Develop grit and resilience. Learn to commit yourself to doing something consistently over and over again.

What is included in HabitStrong Membership?

Membership duration: 48 weeks

Set goals for every month (4 weeks) and track your progress. Then do it 12 more times and see what a massive difference this will make in your life.

Membership starts every Monday.

Start the day at 5 AM (Mon-Fri)

Start your day at 5AM with a live guided meditation to focus your mind. This is followed by community journaling  with prompts for self-reflection and self-discovery. Get your creative juices flowing and gain clarity for the rest of the day ahead.  

A consistent 5AM routine is pretty much a superpower. This alone will put you head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


No excuses. Just do it.

Deep work or learning sessions (Mon-Fri)

Commit to building skills or working on important projects for at least 3 days a week. Join our evening deep work/focused learning sessions (7:30-8:45 PM IST). Set weekly goals and track your progress.

Fortnightly Q&A sessions

Join a fortnightly Q&A session with Rajan Singh, every other Saturday. This is the time to get deeper insights into your challenges and problems. Get actionable advice.

Wisdom of the community

Collectively, we have an aggregated base of knowledge, intuition, life wisdom, and skills we have gained over the years. Seek the wisdom of the community and also contribute. Together, we grow and flourish.

Work on 1 big project

Remember that tough goal that you always put off? Now is the time to get cracking.

We guide you on breaking your goal down into achievable monthly and weekly targets so you have a steady sense of progress.

Get 48 weeks of membership

Membership fee: Rs 18,000

Save 50% compared to monthly bootcamp fees. 

Full refund if you cancel membership subscription within 3 days of the start date. 

Take a screenshot of your payment screen for your record. We will confirm your membership and get in touch with you with the necessary details within a day.

For any query regarding our bootcamps, write to us at bootcamp@habitstrong.com

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