How do we stop self-sabotaging thought patterns

Everybody talks about how to improve our mind. Some fancy memory technique, some new way to build concentration, how to read more, how to improve logical thinking, and so on. 

Our mind is obviously our most powerful tool. 

What’s somewhat less talked about is that our mind can also become our worst enemy. That the biggest roadblock to success often comes from within our own mind; from deeply ingrained, but flawed thinking patterns. 

In this video, I talk about a common thinking pattern that often sabotages the best of intentions — ‘Prioritizing the urgent over the important.’

At HabitStrong, we help you build habits to prioritize the ‘important’ over ‘urgent.’ For example, to help people do deep, focused work that really moves the needle, we offer the  Deep Work bootcamp. Similarly, our Learning bootcamp ensures that learning new skills doesn’t get postponed due to the “busyness” of everyday life. 

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