Welcome to HabitStrong

Welcome to HabitStrong. We help you build habits that create a happier, stress-free, healthier life.

My name is Rajan, I’m the founder of HabitStrong. I’m an ex-IPS officer turned entrepreneur. I believe that there are certain keystone habits that can absolutely transform your life. HabitStrong is my effort to help you build these keystone habits.

Check out this About page if you’d like to know a little more about me and how I started HabitStrong.

What exactly do we do?

We run live, online, month-long bootcamps that help you build the following keystone habits*:

  • Build a solid morning routine which includes waking up early, meditation, journaling, workout (Become A Morning Person 4-week bootcamp).
  • Boost your daily productivity by learning how to immerse yourself in deep focused work (Deep Work & Flow 4-week bootcamp)
  • Break free from phone addiction, build laser focus (Undistractable – Digital Detox). You can complete this program at your own pace.
  • Build superior self-awareness and a happier life with a daily journaling habit (Journaling Program). You can complete this program at your own pace.
  • Beat anxiety through practical and specific actions (Beat Anxiety & Stress). You can complete this program at your own pace.

Our bootcamps are conducted completely online and run for 4 full weeks, which is a sufficient duration to become comfortable with the habit. To firmly internalise the habit, we recommend that you continue for 3 months at least, either with us or on your own.

*Keystone habits are those habits and routines that have a profound positive impact on all other areas of your life. For example, the keystone habit of working out first thing in the morning will also make it easier to make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.

How does HabitStrong help build habits? What’s different about us?

There is a lot of theory out there about how to change our lives for the better. Plus, many of us may even know what to do as well.

But how do you implement these ideas practically into your life? How do you overcome the inertia of procrastination? Even if you do start, how do you stop yourself from giving up after 2 days of trying? How do you stay on track?

That’s where we come in.

Our bootcamps are LIVE

Live sessions with the presence of bootcamp guides keep you accountable.

Our bootcamps are action-oriented, no empty gyaan

We focus on actually doing the activity with you rather than just telling you what to do.

Personal follow-up

If you miss a session, a friendly HabitStrong support person will follow up with you. This adds an additional layer of accountability which pushes you to stay consistent.

Our bootcamps are systematic

We follow a step-by-step framework which you simply have to follow. No more guesswork.

Our bootcamps are scientific

Using principles of psychology and cognitive neuroscience, we help you take action and repeat those actions till you form the new habits.

Smart precommitment strategies that make it happen

Our bootcamps block out time where you commit to doing just the required activities, live, with our session guides.

Mindset and identify shift

Through repetitive daily actions, exercises, and assignments, we slowly create a mindset and identity shit which makes it easier to stick to the habit.

HabitStrong bootcamps – Is it for you?

Our bootcamps are suitable for anyone who wants to build a new productive habit. But there is a catch.

The catch is that you have to want to change. No one else can make you do anything that you refuse to do or have no desire to do.

But if you have the strong desire to create a positive change in your life and you’re willing to follow our instructions, then HabitStrong Bootcamps can create a massive change in your life. Our participants often call our programs “life-changing,” and that’s for a reason.

If you are ready to commit to change your life, come join us. Come with determination and we will make change happen. We make no excuses nor do we accept any.

Check what our previous participants had to say in our Bootcamp Reviews page.

How to pick the right program for you

If you want to We recommend this bootcamp
Build discipline and a morning routine Become A Morning Person
Increase your productivity Deep Work & Flow
Journaling habit for happier life Journaling Program
Beat online distractions and build focus Undistractable – Digital Detox
Beat chronic anxiety & stress Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

You may get in touch with us through the contact form or WhatsApp +91 62380 21693 if you have any more questions.

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