The Thing About "Passion"

When I started my summer internship at McKinsey, I was expecting it to be really exciting and full of ‘aha moments’. After all, everyone had told me that consulting is very ‘exciting’.

However, I ended up making lots of presentations and occasionally, trying to tell stories with data.

That is not to say that the job was bad - I learnt a ton during my tenure. It is just that my notion of an ‘exciting job’ was quite misplaced.

If you are looking for a job so exciting that every morning you feel like a kid in Disney World, here is the bad news. Such a job does not exist.

There is no 'love at first sight' job, which will cause passion to rage through your veins. Almost all jobs are boring and tedious, most of the time. Even the Prime Minister spends more time doing routine, meaningless work, than we realize.

Instead of excitement, what we can look for in a job is ‘meaning’. Would we be happy doing the job even if there was no salary or prestige attached to it? If yes, then we have found a job with meaning.

Once you have a meaningful job, the passion will come once you immerse yourself into it. Like wine, passion is an acquired taste.

Take your time - don’t rush it.


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