The Sheep-Think

In 2000, when I was a rookie police officer, a VIP was visiting my jurisdiction. Inadvertently, he taught me how even intelligent people can behave like sheep.

This visiting VIP, who had a Z category security cover, was visiting a 'Godman' who lived in my jurisdiction. My boss asked me to accompany the VIP in the bullet-proof car as a security precaution.

On the way to the Godman's ashram, we started doing the usual small talk. I was curious about why he was visiting this person.

He said, "This person must be so great! So many doctors and senior executives are leaving well-paying jobs in the US to come and live in the ashram. Surely, there has to be something special in this person.'

Mind you, this VIP was a very reputed ex-bureaucrat known for his professionalism. It set me thinking, what will the next person visiting the Godman think? He will surely say, "If this VIP is visiting, surely there must be something special about this Godman."

In full disclosure, I am extremely skeptical of all godmen/godwomen.

But this reminded me of another species whose survival strategy is, ‘follow the herd.’ That species is sheep.

We are not sheep. We ask questions. That is what makes us human.


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