The Pursuit of 'Marks'

A student's life in India is a life-long pursuit of 'marks' - from the Board Exams to IITJEE to whatever. In fact, I was so used to it that even when the race stopped, I wanted to just keep running.

One good example is an MBA application to a US B-School. In India, we obsess over the GMAT, but a US applicant would be quite satisfied with a 710 GMAT and instead, focus on the essays and recommendations.

It is impossible for us to fathom that any college would reject an 800 GMAT and admit a 700. And yet it happens all the time. Even when the race for marks is over, we are so conditioned that we can't help ourselves from keeping on running.

Even though I understand this intellectually I am pretty sure that if I had to apply again, I would still chase the GMAT. I am a hardened rat.

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