Life-Skills For Kids

More than 'coding for kids', which is a technical skill, here are some life-skills I wish someone had taught me when I was a kid.

1. Meditation and mindfulness: Whether it is stress, anxiety, or managing emotions, this is an amazingly powerful, yet subtle tool. It will NOT solve all our problems - but it can make us 10x more skillful in handling them.

My prediction is that in the next 10-15 years, it will become part of all school curricula, globally. Remember: Meditation is mind-training and has nothing to do with religion.

2. Physical fitness: Need I say more? At some point, I thought that being 'studious' was good enough. Sorry, it isn't. Play some intense sport every day or as often as possible.

3. Writing and articulation: The power of the written and spoken word can only be matched by magic. But since there is no magic, articulation reigns supreme.

4. Focus and deep work: Do at least 90 minutes of work or study every day with zero distraction. Build this muscle.

5. Building a morning routine: Get some of the above items (e.g., meditation, physical activity) done in the morning and you will roar through the day like a fighter jet.

All the above are scientifically validated ideas and not magic. But then, if you can do the above, why do you need magic?


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