Keep The Faith

I completed my MBA in 2007 when the world economy was at its peak. There was no better time to graduate.

And yet, even in those days, I had to slog really hard to land a summer internship at McKinsey. It was touch and go.

Compare that with today: Our economy is ruined beyond imagination. I dread to think how hard it must be for our young folks graduating now.

But here is the story of one of my McKinsey engagement managers, who graduated from an Ivy League MBA in 2001, during the dotcom bust.

He could not find a good job. Finally, he settled for a lowly finance role at an FMCG company, that no MBA would aspire for. He had to bide his time but 2 years later, he managed to get a job at McKinsey.

Compared to his classmates, who directly got into McKinsey, he was two years behind.

But when you look back, did those two years matter? Not really. In fact, having gone through hardship, he probably appreciated the McKinsey job more than others who did not go through that struggle.

Most of our struggles appear insurmountable because we are too close to them. One or two years later, they would just seem like a blip.

All you have to do is keep your head above water. And wait for this to pass, which it will.


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