"I Don't Have Time" - Really?

‘I don’t have time’ - is a lie. Where do our 16 odd waking hours go? We destroy them, getting sucked into endlessly checking WhatsApp, Instagram, and other smartphone apps.

Here is proof that with discipline, we can claim that time back: Karthik Rao shared his story with me a few weeks back.

Karthik’s dad’s life-dream was to set up a precision manufacturing plant. For this, Karthik needed time to learn CNC machining, programming, new tools, and an entirely new business. In our bootcamp, Karthik could free up his time from mobile apps and ‘Sharvari Precision Works’ was inaugurated.

The truth: We don’t lack time; we lack a practical approach for overcoming digital distractions and building discipline.

Our digital detox bootcamp, called ‘Reboot’ does precisely that. We train participants to build a morning routine (many opt for 5 am), beat digital detox, and rebuild focused reading habits. Many participants read more books in these 4 weeks than they have in the past 2 years.

This intense program is not for everyone, but most describe it as life-changing.

If interested, please apply on our website.


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