How To Do Your To-Dos

In the past, whenever overwhelmed by my mile-long ‘to-do’ list, I used to feel that the ONLY way to overcome my anxiety was to somehow finish my to-do list.

I assumed that my to-do list was never-ending because I was inefficient and did not know the right productivity ‘hacks’.

Turns out, I was wrong - that thinking is a trap. There is no such productivity hack.

Our to-do list is unending because humans are ambitious and always bite more than they can chew. If we can comfortably perform three tasks in a day, we take up six because we want to achieve more.

Hence our to-dos never end, almost by design.

Another flawed thinking I had was that, if some big task was causing the ‘overwhelm’ and anxiety, the only way to overcome those feelings was to FULLY complete the task. Again, false.

We don’t have to finish the task - as long as we make SOME progress consistently, our brain calms down and the panic subsides. So forget the full to-do list, just pick one or two really important tasks every day and make small progress, consistently.

Like Bruce Lee said, ‘Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.’

Nothing big gets done in one day. But there is no goal so big, that consistent daily progress can’t nail it.


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