Digital Cocaine

The disease is now in our head. The apps are no longer the problem - the problem is now with our mind.

Our mind is now conditioned to crave distraction. We need that high; we want our fix. Even 30 minutes of boredom is too much. Reading 10 pages in a book drains us. We need relief. The withdrawal pangs are too strong.

Yes, the problem started with WhatsApp, Instagram, and their first cousins. But years of seeking 'a digital high' 24x7 has rewired our mind.

The digital cocaine is here to stay. Every new app will distract your more than the last one. Tik Tok is not the worst that will be. But we can escape that hell-hole.

The answer lies not in app-blockers, but in discipline; in defeat our craving mind.

Start with a solid morning routine. Wake up early, do an intense workout, do some meditation. Train yourself to embrace discomfort.

There is a lot more to be done but this is the first step. All the theory and motivation in the world will not change you. But your morning routine will. Start here.


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