• Samriddhi

Can a morning routine really change your life?

The year was 2017.

Rajan’s startup was in crisis.

He needed to make a massive pivot. Which meant taking some tough big decisions.

Everyday he’d wake up with a feeling of dread and anxiety — just thinking about all the hard things he had to do that day.

We’ve all been through this at some stage in our lives. It doesn’t even have to be a major work crisis. Some days, even the regular, everyday tasks seem overwhelming.

But Rajan managed to turn things around in 2017. He was able to take back control of his day — and his life — by changing just one thing.

Watch this video to find out how:

Bottomline — extraordinary people aren’t doing something magical. They’re just doing the right things — with consistency, focus, and determination. Until it becomes a habit. And then that habit becomes a way of life. And that way of life becomes their identity.

Can morning routine change your life? Don’t take our word for it — try it and decide for yourself.

Sleep a bit early today, set the alarm, and start tomorrow morning with a 20 min mindfulness meditation. Then write a journal, and do the workout.

Do it for 10 days and let us know how you feel.

We are so fanatical about the morning routine that we built a full-fledged 4-week bootcamp called ‘Become a Morning Person’ to help people build the routine.


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