Become A Morning Person Bootcamp

Every weekday, sharp at 5 am, I run a bootcamp called ‘Become a Morning Person’. I lead the participants for a 30 min meditation, followed by a journaling exercise for self-reflection. Post that, the participants do their physical workout and are ready to face the day.

This morning routine is hard but if one sticks to it, there is nothing more powerful and life-changing. It powers you to smash through anxiety and procrastination.

Furthermore, the participants adhere to an evening routine, which includes a digital switch-off, planning the next day, reading, and lights-out at a fixed time. This helps improve the sleep routine.

However, this bootcamp is not for everyone. If is only suitable if one can fully commit to it.

In this hyper-distracted world, a good morning routine is key to maintaining sanity and focus. That is what this bootcamp helps achieve.

All our bootcamps are invite-only (we don’t accept direct sign-ups on the website). If this is of interest, please apply on our website.


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