A No-Bullshit Guide For Habit-Building

Here is a no-bullshit guide for habit-building and defeating procrastination:

1. Start with the smallest possible task that you can do even if you are feeling really low. E.g., instead of an hour-long workout, start with a 5-minute one (maybe 5 pushups and some jumping jacks).

2. Put a specific time and place for the task (in this case, the workout). E.g., say, 6 am in the living room, not a vague 'early in the morning.'

3. If you are unsure even about this, break it down into steps - first put on the workout gear, then the shoes, and then go to the living room for working out. At each step, you have the option to stop, if you REALLY can't do it.

4. Make a big habit tracker and put it on the wall. Every time you perform the activity, put a big 'tick mark.' If possible, share it with your family and friends every few days.

5. Do this 5-minute workout for 30 days in a row, regardless of how much life sucks. First build consistency, not muscle.

6. After every workout, give yourself a small nice reward instantly. E.g., add 15 minutes to your weekly Netflix binge quota in a diary, or have a nice coffee - it is up to you.

I have shared one of the things we teach in our digital-detox bootcamp. Try it for 30 days and let me know.


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