GameChanger Bootcamp

4-week bootcamp to build two life-changing habits: Daily focused learning & an early morning routine.

Daily morning LIVE meditation and journaling. Virtual co-learning schedule with a community. Support through regular check-ins, Q&A, and feedback.

What’s included in the bootcamp?

Here is what you will get in the 4-week GameChanger

Morning routine building
(5 AM, 6 AM, or 7 AM)

Co-learning sessions
3 weekdays + Saturday

Community interaction

Robust support & guidance

Upcoming Batch Schedule & Fee

Want to join the next batch of GameChanger?


Dates: 3 Apr - 30 Apr 2023
Registration cut-off:
2 Apr, 5 PM IST
Duration: 4 Weeks
Fee: INR 7500 INR 3,500
(3 day refund period)


  • Mon-Fri LIVE meditation followed by journaling, at 5 AM, 6 AM, or 7 AM.
  • Co-learning sessions from 7:30-8:45 PM IST, Mon-Fri. Pick any 3 days.
  • Long learning session on Saturdays 6:30-8:45 PM IST.
  • Weekly meetings with peer group.
  • Q&A support to answer queries.

What’s the day-to-day like?

A glimpse of the day-to-day schedule of 4-week GameChanger

  1. Build a 5 AM, 6 AM, or 7 AM morning routine: Start with a LIVE group meditation and journaling Mon-Fri. Then individually, do your workout.
  2. Set weekly learning targets and join group study sessions on 3 weekdays + Saturday.
  3. Build a ‘no-excuse’ mindset
  4. Learn to use tools such as habit-tracker to track progress and overcome obstacles
  5. We support you in overcoming struggles and challenges
  6. We give you a community to share your learnings and hold yourself accountable

GameChanger will change the way you live your life.

Reminder: Apply ONLY if you can commit 100%.

What participants say about GC bootcamp

“GameChanger has been phenomenal for me. With its help, now I am able to manage my early morning routine very well. This bootcamp had two parts – morning routine and learning – learning was also great because I could get a group to learn and everyday I had some motivation – at 7:30 PM people are waiting for me and then, I could finish extremely well. I would recommend everyone to join this bootcamp. It has phenomenal power and if you follow it sincerely, it has the power to change your life.”
Srinivas Rao

Founder – Consultant
Mentorrd Edu Tech Pvt Ltd

“I was struggling with waking up on time and concentration. What I liked the most about the bootcamp was following Rajan sir’s simple but effective method of doing small things everyday. Some small things like making a schedule after the morning journaling and following an evening routine made powerful changes in me. I was quite happy to see the progress I made on my tasks and how I was able to get a head start. I would recommend GameChanger to anyone who is willing to follow the program and has the genuine desire to change their habits.”
Amartya Mandal

AI Scientist
Synapsica, Bangalore

“I joined the bootcamp with the intent of getting back to my morning running habit and picking up some effective learning habits. Incredibly happy with my experience with the bootcamp. Some of my key takeaways from the bootcamp are the use of a habit tracker, developing a calm and productive morning routine and ending the day effectively. I am very happy with the program and I would like to thank Mr. Rajan Singh and the HabitStrong team for conducting it in a very simple and doable format.”
Rajesh R Karuvat

Exec. VP, Tech and Engg
Herald Logic Pvt. Ltd

Program for complete transformation

Serious about radical self-transformation? This is the program to build a solid foundation for that.

Start your day with calm productivity. Get more done through the day

We ask you to join our daily LIVE guided meditation at 5 AM or 6 AM, Mon-Fri. This acts as a strong trigger for you to start the day early, and bring a sense of calm and focus to set the tone for the rest of the day. The meditation is followed by journaling, with prompts that help you assess and bring awareness. During this time, plan the day’s activities and start strong.

Take consistent daily actions and build productive habits

We give you a strong push every day to make time for your personal growth through daily meditation, journaling, and learning. During the habit-building phase, it’s easy to fall back into poor behavioural patterns. Our team gives you regular feedback and steps in for course correction when you slip behind. We answer all your questions and support you throughout.

Commit to a personal learning schedule that works for you

The first casualty in the daily grind of life is time dedicated for personal growth. We help you power through excuses and procrastination by making you commit to a learning schedule that works for you. We provide strong push and accountability, and weekly progress tracking. We help you make time to invest in yourself.

Connect with a self-driven community focused on personal development

Most people just casually float through life with a hundred excuses. You don’t belong there, else you wouldn’t be reading this. A community of like-minded peers pushing themselves towards self-growth is not easy to find. In this bootcamp, you connect with this community, draw motivation and energy from them, and act with the ethos and integrity that the community demands.

FAQ – GameChanger

When does the next batch of GameChanger start?

Please check Upcoming Bootcamp Schedule for more details about the next batch.

I am not in India. Can I still enroll?

If you are not in India, it may not be convenient for you to attend our 5 AM or 6 AM IST morning meditation sessions. However, if you are interested in building learning discipline, you may want to check out our Extreme Focused Learning (XFL) bootcamp which includes everything in GameChanger, minus the morning routine.

The virtual co-learning sessions of XFL bootcamp are usually conducted from 7:30-8:45 PM IST on weekdays and 6:30-8:45 PM IST on Saturdays. You may enroll if you are able to join these sessions. Please check the XFL bootcamp schedule for exact timings and other details for the upcoming batch.

We will soon open up time slots for the US audience as well, so you can attend in your local time.

Who conducts the guided meditation sessions?
The guided meditation sessions are led by qualified and experienced meditation guides who have undergone a rigorous selection process.
What course is covered for the learning part of GameChanger? Will I get the content?
GameChanger Bootcamp combines building a morning routine and developing a daily learning habit.

The learning part of GameChanger is a self-study program designed to boost learning productivity and build the learning habit so you develop the ability to complete courses on time.

Our learners select the course that they want to complete and do self-study following a disciplined schedule that we implement. We do not give content for any course or provide teachers.

Can I read a book instead of learning a course?
Yes! You learning goal can be to complete a book. Just indicate that in the learning plan we ask you to prepare.
What are the daily activities in GameChanger? What do I have to do?

The GameChanger bootcamp runs as 4-week cohorts. Once you enroll in the program, we will send you detailed information and an orientation video. Watch the video before you join the first session.

Morning routine
The sessions start with a live guided meditation at 5AM or 6AM. You may pick one time slot as you prefer. You must attend this slot consistently from Mon-Fri.

After the meditation, we will do journaling together. You will also plan for the day ahead during this time.

You will prepare a learning plan following our guidelines and commit to a weekly schedule. Mon-Fri, you will attend at least 3 days of virtual co-learning sessions from 7:30-8:45 PM IST. Of course you may attend all 5 days if you wish to. On Saturday, you must compulsorily attend the learing session from 6:30-8:45 PM IST.

You will track your daily consistency on a habit tracker. You will also interact with your peer group on a weekly meeting.

You may ask any questions that you have during our Q&A sessions, via email, or in the community (WhatsApp group and the website community).

I want to attend learning sessions on all 5 weekdays instead of just 3 days. Do you allow that?
Yes. You are welcome to join all 5 weekdays of learning sessions to make faster progress on your learning goals.
I may not be able to attend all the sessions. Are all sessions compulsory?
You must enroll for the program only if you have a conducive schedule. The only non-negotiable requirement that we have for the program is that you show up on the days that you have committed to.

You must attend the morning sessions at 5 AM or 6 AM (depending on your chosen batch) from Mon-Fri.

You must pick at least 3 days from Mon-Fri to attend the learning sessions from 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM IST. Saturday sessions from 6:30 PM – 8:45 PM are compulsory to attend.

If you are unable to attend a session due to some genuine emergency, please let us know and we will excuse you for that day.

I want to opt for the morning routine alone without the study sessions. Can I do that?
If you want to attend only the morning sessions, please check out our Become A Morning Person bootcamp which focuses on building the morning routine. We have 5 AM and 6 AM batches.
I want to opt for the study sessions alone without the morning routine. Can I do that?
If you are intersted in the study sessions alone, please check out our Extreme Focused Learning bootcamp. Here you will join a virtual co-learning community 3 days a week + Saturdays to work on your learning goals.
5 am is too early. I am unable to wake up at 5. Will you give me a call?
No. This program does not include wake-up calls.

We provide the guidance for you to adopt an evening wind-down routine which will help you wake up at a consistent time.

If 5 am is too early for you, we also offer a 6 am batch.

How do I enroll?
Click on “Apply now” (in the Upcoming Bootcamps section) and submit the form to join the bootcamp. We will evaluate your application and send the payment link to shortlisted candidates.
Do you offer a refund policy?
Yes! We offer a 100% refund if you withdraw from the program within 3 days of the start date. The first 3 days will give you enough time to understand how the program works.
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