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Flow and Deep Work - extreme, joyful productivity

Date: 17th April, Saturday

Time: 9:45 AM IST

There is no greater pleasure than getting so lost in an activity that we lose the sense of time and our own self. That is what we call 'flow'.

But is the 'flow experience' like winning a lottery, where it just happens by chance? Or can we orchestrate this experience practically every day, by creating the right conditions?

We believe that it is the latter -- under the right conditions, we can reliably create the flow experience.

The concept of flow has mostly remained a theoretical idea. At HabitStrong, we are now making it real so you can experience flow every day.

If interested, you may sign up. 


Here is what we will do in this session:

  • Explain the optimal conditions for experiencing flow.

  • Do a focused work session to recreate the intense focus and flow experience. 

Here are the prerequisites for attending the session:

  • Come prepared to work on a task that requires deep focus.

  • Ideally, the task should not be too easy or too hard -- you should be able to do that task if you give it your full focus and concentration.

Mindfulness Meditation Training Session

Date: 24th April, Saturday

Time: 4:00 PM onwards

Join Rajan Singh for the online live training for mindfulness meditation.

In this event, we will explain the basics of mindfulness meditation, and do a live guided session. We will explain the nuances of meditation and also do a Q&A.

Many of us know the benefits of meditation and want to adopt it as a daily habit but lethargy and procrastination often come in the way. This is an opportunity to overcome these obstacles.


Remember -- meditation is not magic or an instant solution to all our problems. It takes determination and consistency to build this habit. But we believe that it is worth every drop of effort you put into it. 

All our sessions start dot on time. Hence, we ask you to come on time, with full commitment.

If interested, please signup and we will email you the Zoom meeting details. 

Bootcamp Information Session

Date: 24th April, Saturday

Time: 3:00 PM- 3:45 PM

Wondering what the HabitStrong bootcamps are all about? What techniques we use, why the bootcamps are able to build long-term change, and how people have used these bootcamps to transform their lives. Rajan Singh, founder of HabitStrong, will answer all these questions and more in this information session.

We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

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