Are we diluting something meaningful?

Growing up in remote towns without access to packaged milk, one chore I truly hated was having to trek to the milkman’s house daily, just to fetch milk.

Now, it is not that milkmen wouldn’t deliver to your house. But they would, quite naturally, dilute it liberally with water.

So all this drama was just to avoid the dilution of milk.

But here is the thing — diluting milk erodes its value only mildly. However, there is something truly precious which when diluted, becomes worthless. And yet we dilute it every day — what is it?

Our focus.

Even a quick phone-glance or email/Slack check every 10 minutes destroys our focus. And its cost is huge. It makes it impossible to synthesize complex ideas or do deep, focused work. No wonder, we do so little reading or deep thinking.

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Unlike milk, when focus is diluted, it doesn’t degrade — it dies.

In the time it takes to write 10 emails, you can write a blog, if you focus. In lieu of1000 emails, you can write a short book. Our emails will be forgotten, but the things we create are forever.

Let us stop destroying our focus. Just 2 – 4 hrs of daily focused work will change our life.

Shall we start today?

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