One-on-One Coaching for Habit-Building

Coaching CEOs and business leaders to inculcate focus and discipline through habit-building

Every CEO is busy. But success does not come from staying busy 24x7, reacting to email, messages, and ‘urgent’ stuff. Instead, it comes from our ability to ignore distractions and focus on select things that really matter. 

Hence, business leaders need to go from shallow distraction-ridden working to focused deep work. For that, they need to reset their digital habits and retrain their mind to stop craving for a dopamine hit. It sounds deceptively easy - our digital distractions make it really hard to focus. 

In this coaching, our founder (Rajan Singh) will personally coach business leaders for rebuilding a life of focus and discipline through habit-building. Due to Rajan’s time constraints, at this point, we can only offer this very selectively.

Do check out our other bootcamps (e.g., Reboot) that cater to groups. 

What we do in the program

In this program, our CEO (Rajan Singh) will work with you one-on-one, understand your behavior patterns and routines, and help you adopt the following. 

  1. Build a morning routine of meditation,  journaling, workout

  2. Build an evening routine of digital switch-off and planning the next day 

  3. Learn habit-building techniques and use them to beat digital distractions 

  4. Integrate focus and deep work into your daily routine

  5. Understand your challenges and troubleshoot them

You will acquire the mindset of military discipline and mindful living


Program details

Start date: Custom
Duration: Custom
Fee: $1,000 / session

This is a customized program, primarily for CEOs and senior business leaders. We will be able to only offer this very selectively.

The number of sessions will be customized, as per individual needs and preferences. Each session will be 60-90 minute long. 

If interested, please email us.

We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

 T.C.5/2568(5), TJRA Nagar, 158C, Pippinmoodu




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